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Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Emmy!


Happy 1st Birthday Emmy!!  I got the honor and pleasure of making dessert for Emmy's 1st birthday party!!!  I made a 3 tier cake where the bottom two tiers are fake.  The top tier is a "sugar-free" apple cake with raisins (the recipe called for chopped walnuts but I omitted them for baby allergy reasons) with a "sugar-free" cream cheese frosting!  I also made red velvet and french vanilla cupcakes, french vanilla cake pops, and individually wrapped party favor sugar cookies with a personalized tag!  I wish you Emmy a wonderful new year in your life, you are so special, sweet and greatly loved by everyone you meet!!  You are so cute and your personality is so precious!  You're a joy to be around and we all love your beautiful smile and awesome dance moves!!  I'm so happy I got to help make your birthday a little more sweet.  Here's to many many more birthdays to come!!  Photo credits goes to Nelly Chung at Modern Element Photography!!! Thank you for beautifully capturing this lovely celebration!!  Check out more photos from Emmy's party at Modern Element's Photography here!


  1. The amount of time, effort and hard work you put into all of this really shows honey! I can't believe how quickly you worked to get all of this ready. I'm so glad that you (and me by association) got to be a part of Emmy's 1st Birthday! You will now always be a part of her history :)

  2. Hi there! It's Nelly. I don't know if you saw the photos on my blog already. I linked your blog site to my post. It was great meeting you at Emmy's party!

    Great job on the desserts!

    1. Lovely pictures!! Thanks so much for capturing all the wonderful moments!! Your photos are beautiful!