Thank you for visiting our page. Sweet Dreams Bakery runs by pure fun, passion, and enthusiasm for making delectable sweets that pleases the eye and tummy.

I'm currently not taking any new orders for the time being, but if you have any questions about what I do, how I do it, or wanted to just say hello, please feel free to send me a message me through my Contact Form!

About Me

Welcome and thanks for visiting Sweet Dreams Bakery's blog page!  I love to decorate and make sweets look pretty and tasty.   I am an animator by day, cake decorator by night!  This blog is to document all my lovely creations and my progression throughout the years and to share my sweet arts with all of you!  I really enjoy making things as gifts, that are personal and has meaning, to give to the ones I love.  So when I make a cake or cupcakes to give to my loved ones, I really put my whole self and heart into my work.  The best part of what I do is probably seeing the look on people's faces when I surprise them with my cakes!  I only took a few local cake decorating classes, everything else I've learned is all on my own with the help of my friends and family, lots and lots of practice, and good 'ol youtube!

I am constantly learning and looking for better ways to improve my craft.  One of my bachelors degrees is in Media Arts and Animation, so I am able to use my creative and artistic skills into my cakes, and so it's like the best of both worlds!  I get to use my art ambitions and fuse it with my cake decorating hobby and turn it into a business!  I feel truly blessed to be able to do this.  I do not have a store front just yet, so that is my long term goal.  Until then, it's just me and my close family and friends as my sidekicks in cakes, and we will work together to make sweet dreams for you!  I am currently not taking any orders at the moment, but please feel free and browse my blog and contact me about any questions, or just to give feedback on my cakes.  Thanks again for visiting and sweet dreams!

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