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Friday, August 18, 2017

Siv & Carney's Baby Shower!

Congratulations to my good friends and the parents to be Sivhour and Carney!  I got the honor and privilege of making their baby shower cake!  The theme is "You Are My Sunshine", so I decorated a two-tiered cake with bright yellow and white flowers with fondant daisy designs around the cake.  I'm so excited to meet little baby Chan and I know he will be super duper cute!!  I'm very excited for Siv and Carney to welcome their little baby boy soon, he will bring lots of joy, love, and happiness to their lives!  I know that he will be so loved and cared for by Siv and Carney, and he will be lucky to have such a sweet and kind mother like Siv, and such a smart and funny caring dad like Carney!  Can't wait to meet you baby Chan!!  Congratulations Siv and Carney!!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Happy 5th Birthday Lily!

Back in June my sweet amazing Lily pad turned 5 years old!!  Happy 5th Birthday to my princess Lily, Happy 2nd birthday to my sweet amazing Leo too!!!  I threw her (and Leo) a birthday party at home and made it a unicorn theme since she loves unicorns and rainbows right now. I went all out for her milestone celebration and got a bounce house, balloon twister/face painter, and a photobooth! She had such a blast and gave all the guests a big hug when they showed up and a big hug good bye! She saw me working on the cake for a few days, and she was so excited and really wanted to eat it! She was majorly bummed when I told her she couldn’t and that it’s not real…She didn’t quite understand but she eventually got over it haha.  I also made chocolate cupcakes and fruity pebble macarons in the shape of unicorns!  I’m so grateful and humbled by the person she’s becoming and my heart is overflowed with love for her. She is very generous, thoughtful, silly, funny, and oh so happy! She is also very clumsy and tends to fall and hurt herself (and others by accident) a lot, but I’m afraid that’s my quality that got passed down to her…haha. She’s just so excited about everything that she can’t contain it in her tiny little body haha. I’m so happy to have such a beautiful little girl both inside and out as my daughter. I love you so much my Lily pad, happy 5th birthday!!! Can’t wait for more adventures and memories to come! (PS: Thanks Phong for some of these dessert photos!)