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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cheeseburger with a side of Corn Cupcakes!

We've been having such beautiful California weather lately so why not celebrate by having a good 'ol American style BBQ with lots great friends and of course, yummy food! We had a BBQ at our home this weekend and our resident community has a beautiful pavilion where we can have a BBQ and grill some hot dogs, cheeseburgers, and steaks. But of course, with every complete meal, there's always a dessert to top it all off, so why not keep with the theme with these triple layer cheeseburger cupcakes!

These are french vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, with basic buttercream for the ketchup, mustard, and lettuce. The cheese is made out of satin ice fondant, my favorite kind of fondant because it actually tastes good, it's sweet and not chewing and or tasteless like most fondants! These burgers are low in protein but are loaded with fun and love. They come with sides of corn as well, made with french vanilla cupcakes, jelly beans for the corn, fruit chews for the butter, chocolate shavings for the seasoning, and white chocolate cream cheese frosting to coat the cupcakes. Light up your appetites because these burgers are grillicious!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Baby Cakes!

One of my closest's friend Lucerne is having a baby and it's a girl!! I wanted to make her something special to celebrate this very special time in her life so I made her these banana baby cakes for our Girl's Getaway Mini Vacation this weekend in Sequoia! These banana cupcakes are filled with white chocolate cream cheese frosting with a hint of orange flavor, and are topped with fondant decorations with some edible pearl white candy. The baby bundle of joy is due in June and we all know she's going to be fabulous mother with a super cute baby girl! So for now, we celebrate our very glowing and beautiful friend's journey to motherhood! You don't need to be a baby to go gaga over these sweet treats, enjoy!