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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Happy Bridal Shower Sonia!

 Happy Bridal Shower to our beautiful Bride to Be Sonia!  I get the honor and privilege of being one of Sonia's bridesmaid for her upcoming big special day next month!  I also got to baked some yummy goods for her bridal shower this past weekend!  I baked chocolate cake with american buttercream filled with strawberries and gum paste flowers, and chocolate macarons in the shape of cute little pineapples!  Can you tell what her favorite flavor sweets are?  Haha!  We had a Hawaiian theme shower since the wedding will be in Hawaii and she is from Hawaii!  She definitely embodies the aloha spirit and she literally lights up any room she walks into with her warm smile and happy heart!  Sonia is seriously one of the sweetest and happy loving people you'll ever meet!  I'm so happy and excited for this next chapter in her life, and she truly deserves all the love and happiness life can offer.  Congratulations again Sonia, can't wait for you and Eric to get hitched!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Happy Baby Shower to Phong and Chi!!

Congratulations to Phong and Cristie for their baby shower for their soon to be son Austin!!  I had the privilege and honor of making their desserts for their celebration!  I decorated a mixed berry cake with fondant white clouds, and used some light blue Swiss Meringue and scraped the outside here and there add a light blue sky to the sides of the cake.  I then made a fondant cute little cloud for the cake topper!  I made French Vanilla cupcakes with Swiss Meringue frosting and Cristie made the cute little cloud toppers!  I also made some vanilla French Macarons as well to complete the dessert table!  I can't wait to meet precious baby Austin, he is already so loved by his parents and sweet big sister Kaylie!!  Congratulations again Phong and Chi!  I'm so excited for your guys' newest addition to your beautiful family!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Happy 2nd Birthday Henry!

Happy 2nd Birthday to the cute and adorable Henry!!  I had the honor and pleasure of making Henry's birthday cake again this year!  He loves Thomas the Train right now so he got a special Thomas the Train theme cake.  The bottom tier is vanilla cake with fresh strawberries, blueberries and raspberries for the filling and the top tier is vanilla cake with fresh pineapples in the filling!  All the decorations are made of fondant and the Thomas the Train and birthday cart of the train is a toy that Kim (Henry's lovely mom) provided for me!  I wish you many many many more amazing birthdays Henry!  You are growing up so fast, I can't wait to see what wonderful things you'll do in the future!  Until then, happy 2nd birthday Henry, you are so loved and you are so cherished by everyone around you!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Rustic Baby Shower Cake

I had the honor of making a rustic naked cake for a baby shower this past weekend! The mommy to be loves chocolate so I made a naked chocolate cake with swiss meringue frosting. I decorated the cake with pink roses, variety of succulents and baby's breathe foliage.  Congratulations Natalie on your little bundle of joy, I'm sure you guys will be amazing parents and your sweet little baby girl will be so amazingly loved!!  Thank you for letting me be a part of your wonderful celebration!!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Happy Birthday Trixie!

Happy 10th Birthday Trixie!  Trixie wanted a vanilla birthday cake with Pusheen the cat on it!  Pusheen is a really cute character and I was excited to finally get an opportunity to create it for a cake!  Lily loves Pusheen too!  Pusheen, little Pusheen, the present, and the cake are made of fondant, and the cake is covered in fondant as well.  The balloons and Happy Birthday sign are made of paper and attached with foam stickers onto cake pop sticks!  I can't believe Trixie is now 10 years old!  I went to high school with her lovely mom Thuy.  That was so long ago, before the iPhone even existed!!  Haha.  I hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration Trixie, What an amazing milestone birthday your parents threw for you!!  I wish you many many more awesome birthday celebrations and I can't wait to see you grow up into a beautiful lady!  Happy Birthday Trixie!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Happy Baby Shower BenjAlina!

Congratulations to the wonderful parents to be Alina and Ben!  I got the honor and privilege of making BenjAlina's baby shower cake!  Their baby shower theme is Disney's Peter Pan Neverland theme that is gender neutral since they won't be revealing the gender of baby LeeSan until after birth!  So I made a simple silloutte Peter Pan gold with gold fairy dust and added some greenery for the woodsy theme!  I'm so excited for Alina and Ben and I can't wait to meet baby LeeSan!  I know they will be amazing parents, the love they have poured into their child's arrival preparations already shows you that!  They are so kind, generous, smart, and fun loving people, I know they will raise an amazing child and will definitely make this world a better place!  I love you guys, congratulations!!!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Siv & Carney's Baby Shower!

Congratulations to my good friends and the parents to be Sivhour and Carney!  I got the honor and privilege of making their baby shower cake!  The theme is "You Are My Sunshine", so I decorated a two-tiered cake with bright yellow and white flowers with fondant daisy designs around the cake.  I'm so excited to meet little baby Chan and I know he will be super duper cute!!  I'm very excited for Siv and Carney to welcome their little baby boy soon, he will bring lots of joy, love, and happiness to their lives!  I know that he will be so loved and cared for by Siv and Carney, and he will be lucky to have such a sweet and kind mother like Siv, and such a smart and funny caring dad like Carney!  Can't wait to meet you baby Chan!!  Congratulations Siv and Carney!!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Happy 5th Birthday Lily!

Back in June my sweet amazing Lily pad turned 5 years old!!  Happy 5th Birthday to my princess Lily, Happy 2nd birthday to my sweet amazing Leo too!!!  I threw her (and Leo) a birthday party at home and made it a unicorn theme since she loves unicorns and rainbows right now. I went all out for her milestone celebration and got a bounce house, balloon twister/face painter, and a photobooth! She had such a blast and gave all the guests a big hug when they showed up and a big hug good bye! She saw me working on the cake for a few days, and she was so excited and really wanted to eat it! She was majorly bummed when I told her she couldn’t and that it’s not real…She didn’t quite understand but she eventually got over it haha.  I also made chocolate cupcakes and fruity pebble macarons in the shape of unicorns!  I’m so grateful and humbled by the person she’s becoming and my heart is overflowed with love for her. She is very generous, thoughtful, silly, funny, and oh so happy! She is also very clumsy and tends to fall and hurt herself (and others by accident) a lot, but I’m afraid that’s my quality that got passed down to her…haha. She’s just so excited about everything that she can’t contain it in her tiny little body haha. I’m so happy to have such a beautiful little girl both inside and out as my daughter. I love you so much my Lily pad, happy 5th birthday!!! Can’t wait for more adventures and memories to come! (PS: Thanks Phong for some of these dessert photos!)

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Fujita!

Congratulations to Kristin and Hisami on their beautiful wedding day back in May!  I had the honor of making the happy couple's wedding cake, but I also got the privilege of being a bridesmaid for my sweet friend Kristin!  She is one of the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful people that I know!  Hisami is the perfect partner for Kristin as well and I am so lucky to witness their new chapter in their lives!  I wish you guys so many many many years of love and happiness and I'm so excited to see you grow your life together!  I'm so happy for you guys, you guys are seriously such great people!! Congratulations!!!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Happy Baby Shower Kat!

Happy Baby Shower to the beautiful mommy-to-be Katherine!!  I had the wonderful honor in throwing my amazing friend a baby shower for her sweet baby boy that we are all so eagerly waiting to meet!  Her favorite color is purple and so I got some purple flowers along with some pretty white, soft pink and colorful succulents (from my garden!) for her dessert table.  I made her a rustic naked carrot cake with whipped cream cheese frosting.  Whipped cream cheese frosting is my favorite for this type of cake because carrot cakes are already rich in flavor but this frosting makes it very light to balance it out!  I also had help with my awesome friends in putting together this relaxing and sweet baby shower for our Kat!  I chose a bohemian dream catcher theme for her baby shower because I feel like her baby, along with all babies, are a dream come true!  They truly are miracles and we are all so excited and happy for Kat and Dennis to have their own special blessing arriving soon!  I hope you feel all our love and well wishes for you, Dennis, and your sweet little son!  Happy baby shower Kat, you will be such a wonderful mommy!!!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Happy 1st Birthday Henry!

Happy 1st Birthday Henry!  I had the honor and privilege of making Henry's 1st birthday cake!  It's a vanilla cake with blackberry and blueberries filling covered with buttercream from Givral!  I made all the decorations from the hungry hungry caterpillar to the sun and food items out of fondant.  Lily was my sweet little helper too in placing the little colorful circles around the base of the cakes.  This is one of Lily's favorite books still, and so it was very fun to make!  Happy 1st birthday cutie little Henry!  You are so loved by so many people, here's to many many many more birthdays to come!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday Chloe!

Happy 1st Birthday Chloe!  I had the honor and privilege of making Chloe's 1st birthday cake for display! It's a topsy turvy cake that is winter theme with snow, snowballs, snowflakes, and a cute little penguin on top.  All the decorations are made of fondant and accented with silver dust for some extra wintery magic!  Chloe is so cute and adorable and so calm too.  Her party was very cutely decorated and her mommy did such a great job with all the decorations and making the festivities fun and happy for the birthday girl!  I can't wait to see you grow up into an amazing little lady, happy happy 1st birthday sweet little Chloe!!  We all love you so much!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Congratulations Newlyweds Lennie & Danny!

Congratulations to the newlyweds Lennie and Danny Ngo! I had the honor and privilege in making the happy couple's wedding cake for their beautiful wedding a couple month ago in June!  The top tier is a mixed berry cake from Givral Bakery that I decorated, and the botom two tiers are dummy cakes that I frosted and covered in fondant and decorated as well.  The modular square tile design is very unique and modern and I'm glad I got to play with new styles!  Lennie brought me the pretty flowers to decorate the cake with and an elegant acrylic "love" calligraphy cake topper to put on top of the cake.  All colors are work very beautifully together and the lavender really matched the theme color of their wedding as well.  Also, being the proud mommy that I am, I must brag that my beautiful baby girl, Lily, was also one of the flower girls for their wedding!! hehe.  But anyways, congratulations Lennie and Danny and your special big day!!  I'm so glad you guys were happy with your cake and thank you so much for letting me be a part of your wedding celebration!!  I wish you guys so much love and happiness and I hope you guys continue to have many many wonderful memories and adventures together!  Congratulations to two wonderful, kind, awesome people!!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday Prince Leo!

Happy 1st Birthday to my dearest le petit Leo!  I baked vanilla, pistachio, chocolate, and orange blossom macarons, bavarian cream fruit custard, and Haupia cupcakes with a coconut filling.  I also made a nice big 3 tier display cake in the theme of the book Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.  I hired a very talented balloon artist and face painter, and Khoa’s coworker, Vinh, generously set up a photobooth for us as well.  I got catering from Newport Rib Company and had a lot of yummy BBQ as well.  It was a very fun party and this 1st birthday means so much to me.

Happy 1st Birthday my dearest prince Leo.  You are such an amazing little inspiration.  There was a time when I thought I wouldn’t even be able to hold him in my arms, to see his beautiful smile, or hear his sweet laugh. Yet here we are, it’s been a crazy long journey, from the moment you existed, and now, we celebrate you. My little prince Leo, you are such an amazing little fighter, inspiration, and miracle.  I look at your sweet face, your cute sweet smile, and your innocent pure eyes, and I just can’t help get emotional and overwhelmed with feelings of love and gratitude.  I love how I can just hold your hand, with your tiny fingers wrapped around mine, and you just feel safe and at ease with me.  You feel like home and the ultimate sensation of comfort when you are in my arms, and I never want to let you go (except maybe when I have to pee…).  I can stare at you  explore this world of all it’s wonders, and listen to your sweet little voice all day!  You are truly the definition of hope.  You are beating all the odds, and I can’t wait to see what adventures we will continue to go on together. Keep shining bright, keep fighting, keep being my ray of hope. I love you to pieces Leo!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday Ryan!

Happy 1st Birthday Ryan!  I had the wonderful privilege of making Ryan's 1st birthday cake display along with some sweet treats for his big celebration this past weekend!  I made some vanilla cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes with swiss meringue frosting, along with some vanilla and matcha green tea macarons, and some white chocolate dipped rice krispies treats, all with the help of my friend Sarah, who also happens to be the birthday boy's mommy! It was a very fun birthday celebration and I'm so glad I got to be a part of Ryan's special day.  He's such a little cutie and loves to eat and has a super cute big sister, Charlotte, too! =)  You are so loved Ryan, your parents threw you such a perfect intimate party. I can't wait to watch you grow up into an amazing little man, happy 1st birthday Ryan, I wish you many many more celebrations to come!!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday Carter!

Happy 1st Birthday Carter! I had the honor and privilege of making a three tier display cake for Carter's 1st Birthday celebration.  I was lucky enough to make the wedding cake for Carter's lovely parents a few years ago, and now it's such a blessing to be making their son's first birthday cake!  I decorated three foam cakes using fondant and used skewers that I painted white for the poles for the pennant banners.  The pennants are made out of paper that are stitched together with white thread.  This is a circus theme cake for a super fun birthday celebration.  I'm sure Carter had an amazing time and I'm sure he was showered with so many warm wishes and tons of love!  Here's to many more birthdays to come and wonderful new adventures!  Happy 1st Birthday Carter!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Happy 1st Birthday Cameron!

Happy 1st Birthday cute little Cameron!!  I got the privilege of making the smash cake for Cameron's 1st birthday photoshoot shot by the amazingly talented Mieng!  I made a giant cupcake French Vanilla cake with a swiss meringue filling and basic buttercream on the outside.  Cameron is such a sweetheart and so happy and cute!!  I feel very special and honored to have been able to make this special cake for him, even though he didn't want to get dirty and smash the cake haha.  Cameron is such a cute, sweet and happy little boy!  He has the greatest parents and best big brother and sister ever!  Happy first birthday Cameron, here's to many many more fun memories and wonderful milestones!