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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cute Winter Formal Proposal

My cousin, Leilani, had a super sweet idea to ask her friend, Johnny, to the Winter Formal at her school!  The lucky fellow plays basketball, just like her, so she came up with this super clever, cute, and sweet way to ask him to be her date at the dance!  She asked me to make her chocolate cupcakes with basketball decorations on top. You can sorta see in the photo that I added a bumpy texture to the basketball as well to add a subtle element of 3D!  Here's a picture of how she decorated his locker, so amazingly creative and cute!  Of course after being blown away by Leilani's sweet gesture, Johnny said yes!

I'm so proud and happy for you Leilani, have a great time at the winter formal!  Here's a picture of the sweet, cute, happy couple!!!


  1. Aww that's very sweet of you to make these for Leilani to use in her plan! It's the fine details (texture) that really set your work apart from other's! Can't wait to see what's next! :)

  2. i think these pics surprised me as much as the gesture surprised him! ;)