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Friday, September 14, 2012

Daddy's 60th Birthday!

My dad is having his milestone 60th birthday next week on September 18, and we are having an early birthday dinner for him!  Since he doesn't like sweets much, I decided to make a carrot cake that had all the fixing, raising, crushed pineapples, chopped walnuts, and coconut flakes!  Plus, he had my carrot cake before and loved it!  He is a water dragon, the same exact dragon that my baby Lily is, and this only happens every 60 years!  So this birthday is a double whammy special one for my dad because not only is he turning sixty, but he is also a new grandpa!

I look up to my dad in so many ways, and not just because he's taller than me (hehe).  He is an amazing father, and a wonderful grandfather!  He always puts everyone else front of himself, and he'll sacrifice anything for the happiness of his loved ones.  He works so hard (2 jobs) to support our family) and he never complains about it!  He inspires me to be a great person, help others, work hard, and to appreciate life.  He is the most selfless person I know, and he is the best dad anyone can ask for.  My dad really is the best!  He has a great silly sense of humor, he always has a smile on his face, and he just exudes joy and happiness.  Anyone who's met him or has been around him loves him, and would tell you the same thing.  I love you daddy, happy 60th birthday!!!  He's a picture of my dad with my daughter, his granddaughter (big dragon and little dragon, double dragon!).


  1. Yay! Happy birthday to the best Papa!!! Love you!! And hurray for double dragons!!! =)

  2. Double draaaagon!

    I can attest to all the things she said about Mr. Nguyen, he is always nice and super funny! HAPPY BIRTHDAY... here's to many more!

  3. WOW! That is such an awesome cake! I always wish I could make cool cakes like that! But I have absolutely no skill when it come to baking! I always go to bakery avon-by-the-sea nj and look at all the cakes and goods and wish I could make things like this!