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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Baby Bump Cake - Luce's Baby Shower

I feel like the greatest gift in the world truly is the gift of life! My beautiful and glowing friend Lucerne is having her baby shower this Saturday in SF and unfortunately I can't make it since I have a wedding to attend (yay Jack and Sarah!), so my good friend Kat is graciously driving the cake and cupcakes up there for me! Luce and Yang are going to have a baby girl in June and they are going to name her Avery! Pretty name don't you think? So I went with the white, pink and black color theme and made my first attempt at making a baby bump cake since it's all the rage these days for baby showers. The bust might have been a little too voluptuous, I should have known better when I asked my darling husband if they were too big and he said "nope, they're good!"....haha. And I learned that it's a lot harder than you would think to make it non smooth for the fabric look.

Anyways, as for the cake itself, it is red velvet with basic frosting and the cupcakes are chocolate flavor. All the decorations from the bows, to the flowers and butterflies are in fondant. We got to use my new awesome cricut cake for some of the designs on the dress and cupcakes as well! Happy baby shower Luce!! I hope your celebration is bumptastic!!

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  1. The cutest Baby Bump Cake I have ever seen in my life. It’s going to add cuteness to my sister’s baby shower party. So glad that I found this post. Have planned a decent dinner party at a local event venue Chicago. Eager for the event now!