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Friday, September 24, 2010

Chinese Take Out Anyone?

Happy Birthday Michael! My work asked me to make cupcakes for another birthday and we thought it would be funny to make chinese take out cupcakes (that I saw in my handy dandy cupcake book) since he's Chinese! I made French Vanilla cupcakes with Chai Coconut Frosting! The fried rice cupcake decorations are made up of rice krispies cereal, and the vegetables are cut up lemon and orange flavored tootsie rolls and green laffy taffy for the peas. The chowmein is piped buttercream, and the broccoli are made up of green apple flavored tootsie rolls dipped in frosting and then green sprinkles. The red peppers are red laffy taffies as well. I use caramel squares to make the fortune cookies and hand wrote little messages like "Today you're celebrating a birthday!". "You'll eat a cupcake today". and "Work is happiness!" for fun =P. Lastly, I asked another coworker of mine who's fluent in mandarin and she showed me how to pipe out "Happy Birthday" in the dialect where he's from in Taiwan! I hope I did it right... Anyways, happy birthday and can you pass the soy sauce? haha!

1 comment:

  1. These are so funny! I love the Chow Mein, the broccoli's my favorite part. No wonder you told me to make sure and check these out, I Love them!

    I'm going to download the images and show my Chinese teacher tomorrrow! =)