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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Roxana's Science Birthday Adventure!

Mini Cupcakes:Pictures from Roxana's Party (cute girl in blue in the middle is the birthday girl!)
Happy 5th Birthday Roxana! This was probably my biggest order yet with such a fun and creative theme of Science! We came up with 5 different type of designs, DNA strands, atoms, H2O, CO2, and brains, and we included the birthday girl's favorite colors of pink, purple, yellow, red, and white! This was my biggest order yet, a production of 96 standard size cupcakes and 24 mini cupcakes, flavors include vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet with buttercream! that's 120 total cupcakes, wow! All the decorations are made of fondant, edible pearls, with some buttercream piping. This was definitely a grand production for a very special girl!

Also, special thanks to my lovely assistant Sarah who really helped me with the big project! Special thanks to Jack for keeping Khoa company, and to Luna for always being so cute and supportive =). So what's a fun science kid birthday party without some fun science jokes? From way down in my cranium, this prediction I will make: That if you eat uranium, you'll get atomic ache! hehe, also, what is Ba(Na)2? Banana! =) Oh and did you hear about the man who was reading a Helium book and couldn't put it down? hahaha, I love my corny jokes I find online....haha. Anyways, stay tuned next week for some more surprises for this Roxana's birthday celebration!

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