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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Khoackie's 1st Anniversary!!!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY KHOA, my love, my Khoabit, my one and only babycakes!! <3 Khoa and I have now been husband and wife for a year and counting and what better way to celebrate than with close family, friends, and of course, cupcakes! I made Pina Colada Cupcakes with crushed pineapples, Coconut Swiss Meringue buttercream frosting (thanks chi hai for your faith in me!!!) filled with a coconut filling. We figured these would be the best choice for the celebration because it's tropical, just like our hawaiian wedding theme, and it's not as sweet in flavor for the adults to enjoy! The decorations are also made of fondant with some silver luster dust. I was so busy planning for this even that I completely forgot to take me usual pictures before the party, so these were the only pictures I managed to get before the cupcakes were all devoured! At least I'm happy to know that people loved them! Thank you everyone for sharing this special day with us and for all of your support and celebration! <3

Happy Anniversary Khoa, I love you more than words can describe. You light up my life and soul and you bring me such happiness. I am truly a lucky girl to have you as my husband, best friend, and soul mate. What did one light bulb say to the other? I love you a whole watt!! =) The Lovely Love Theorem states to love someone is madness, to be loved by someone is a gift, loving someone who loves you is a duty, but being loved by someone whom you love is life! Thank you honey for giving me the best life ever! I love you forever and a half!!! <3


  1. Very elegant and pretty cupcakes. Love the simple yet pretty design. Congrats for the celebration!

  2. Honey, sorry it's so long overdue but I love you too! I've had the greatest year of my life and am looking forward to what else we have in store ahead of us. You do such amazing work and I'm so proud of you. Everyone I show this blog to says you might as well be a professional.

    See you soon!