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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Roxana's 5th Birthday Part II

Cupcakes for School:
Cupcakes for Family Dinner:Happy birthday Roxana again! Today is Roxana's actual birthday and this lucky girl gets more cupcakes to celebrate her special day with friends and family. Her favorite animal are the flamingos, and so from this cupcake book that my boss got me, there's flamingos and alligators! So I made french vanilla flamingos for her and all the girls, and alligators for the boys. Later she's going to have a small family dinner and Roxana's other interest is music, so I made cupcakes with musical notes, treble and base clefs, and piano keys! I also would like to give special thanks to my fantastic assistant, my sister Jennifer, for helping me with these awesome animal cupcakes!!

The flamingos are made out of thin pretzels dipped in pink chocolate for the neck, and I used pink chocolate to attach the bubble gum jelly beans for the head and 3/4 length banana runtz for the beak. I then piped melted chocolate for the wings. The body was frosted with buttercream and coated with pink sugar crystals. The alligators' heads were made up of nutter butters that were chopped to size, frosted with buttercream, and dipped in green sugar crystals. I then piped on the jaggedly fierce teeth, eyes and nose with buttercream. The eyes are made of green fruit loops cereal! This project was quite fun to do because of all the leftover candy and nutter butters that I got to eat =P. mhmmm.... The musical cupcakes had buttercream frosting on them as well with fondant decorations. Once again, happy 5th birthday Roxana!


  1. eeek!

    You're making cupcakes faster than I can follow! Don't have you a full-time job?? How do you do all this and NOT drink coffee to get through the day? *ponders*

  2. hahaha alvina! Yes I do...I don't know how I do it either....=D

  3. those are SO cute! What a fun way to eat cupcakes, with flamingos and alligators. =)