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Monday, October 4, 2010

Vroom Vroom Race Car Birthday!

Happy Birthday Andrew! So this is my sister Jennifer's first masterpiece for her boyfriend Andrew and she custom made this British inspired Lotus Formula One race car for him for his birthday!! All I did was bake the cupcakes and buttercream and she did the rest! She covered these mini green French Vanilla cupcakes with green frosting, and coated them in green sugar crystals. She used vanilla wafers for the head, and fondant for the driver's helmet and sunglasses. She used chocolate mini donuts for the wheels with yellow mentos for the hubcaps as well! The yellow bar in the front of the car and the spoiler in the back is a graham cracker held up with butterfingers sticks. The numbers 05, the number of speed racer, is made of fondant. The black thing in front of the race car is also a butterfingers stick covered in fondant! What a great job and I am super proud and impressed of her edible piece of art!! Ok so here they come, more super awesome corny jokes! What do you get when you mix a car, a fly, and a dog? A flying carpet! What happened to the wooden car with the wooden motor with the wooden wheels? It wooden go! What happened to the steel car with the steel motor and the steel wheels? It steel wouldn't go!!! =P Happy birthday Andrew!!

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