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Friday, May 14, 2010

Eye See Jennifer's Graduation Cake!

My one and only favorite sister is graduating from the New England College of Optometry and so I decided to throw her a nice intimate surprise party to celebrate her last 4 years of hard work! She seriously is a genius and is super awesome in what she does, I can't wait till she starts supporting me and giving me family discounts on eyewear and exams/treatments =P.

I made her a rich chocolate cake with buttercream frosting on the bottom tier and rich chocolate and triple chocolate chip fudge frosting on the top tier. I made the mistake of the frosting the top layer with chocolate chips...cause then it was a little bumpy when I tried to cover it with fondant...but at least it'll taste yummy! All the decorations from the cap and tassle to the diploma and Coach glasses (she's one of style, so you gotta have the designer lens!) are made of fondant. The flowers and leaves are made of frosting that I just piped onand I accented the center of the little pink flowers with metallic gold pearls. I decided to make the drapes on the cake represent the hood on her graduation gown, since it is the significant physical difference between that and other graduation gown, and I made the tassle green to represent her school color. She likes pink so that's why I made the flowers pink as well. Also I must note that Khoa's masterpiece is the text on the cake board =).

Anywho, you don't need to be a pupil to see how wonderful of a human being she is both personally and professionally! If anyone needs an optometrist, my sis is the doc to see! Ok ok I admit my jokes are getting cornea these days...ahhh I'm making a spectacle of myself! I can't stop! Iris my case! Haha! Congratulations and eye love you sissy!


  1. Soooo goood!!! And sooo great! I love the cake! It's sooo cute and love all the decorations. hehe. And I was SOO surprised!! =) Words could not express how I felt, and I think my expression that day said it all. Thanks sis! =)