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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Alvina in Wonderland

It's Alvina's birthday and she loves Alice in Wonderland, so I decided to make her Alvina in Wonderland cupcakes. These are red velvet chocolate chip cupcakes with plain frosting. All the decorations from the teapots, flowers, mad hatter, to the Cheshire cat are make of fondant and metallic pearls. Of course, Khoa contributed his fabulous letters which are made of black vanilla satin ice fondant as well. It's so much fun creating such fun and yummy decorated sweets for special occasions! Everyday is always someone's birthday but rather than celebrating a very merry un-birthday today, we celebrate Alvina's birthday! So happy birthday Alvina and to everyone else out there that's born today! Hurry up and eat them cause they're tea-lightful!


  1. So much detail!! I love the accuracy and colors!

  2. Ok... finally figured out how to comment, I'm slow.

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED!! my cupcakes! They were absolutely so cute and all my friends were super impressed. I had dibs on the Mad Hatter's hat the whole time because everyone else would've taken it. They were so whimsical and vibrant, just the perfect cupcakes for me.

    I requested my favorite flavor: Red Velvet w. Chocolate Chips. They're the best at room temperature, but it turns out if you have to refrigerate them, microwaving for 10 secs leaves the cupcake at room temp but melts the chocolate chips! Who knew?

    I already requested a dozen cupcakes for my housewarming party because their wonderful presentation makes for the perfect centerpiece and they're great conversation starters for parties too. I wonder what she'll whip up this time!