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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baby Announcement!

Did someone say baby???? My husband Khoa and I have been married for over 2 years, and the next step in our life together is of course, the wonderful gift of life, a baby! We have been so blessed and fortunate and most of all LUCKY to have the awesome life we have, so when I found out we were going to bring a little bundle of joy into our lives, I really wanted to tell Khoa the great news in a special and memorable way.

So I found out the great news late on a Sunday night while Khoa was out. So I didn't have much time to come up with an elaborate grand scheme so I had to make the most of what I have and so I decided to present Khoa the news with a message on some cupcakes! I had the cupcakes baked, but I still had to make the decorations and the frosting, and by then Khoa already got home. So he asked if there's anything he can help me with since it was getting late. So I asked him to cut out some fondant scalloped circles for me. I had baked a dozen cupcakes, but I asked him to cut out 18 circles haha. He didn't really think anything of it even though he knew I only baked a dozen cupcakes, and knowing he knows I have reasons for my requests, he just happily went to work no questions asked! So once he finished cutting the circles, he went to the living room and relaxed on the couch. I decided to write the words "Soon to be world's BEST dad!" on the cupcakes by hand since personal handwriting seem more personal to me (plus it's a lot faster than cutting out fondant letters). Things were going so great so far and all I had to do now was place the decorations on the cupcakes, plate them, stick them in the oven for him to find, and then show him the great news!

Too bad the rest of the story didn't go like that haha. Once I got the decorations on the cupcakes, Khoa decides to check up on me and see how I was doing with the cupcakes! So instantly I panic, and when I'm in panic mode, my common sense shuts down and havoc breaks loose!!! So Khoa was getting close and I didn't get to plate the cupcakes yet so in the spur of the moment I shoved him away from the kitchen! Immediately he was like "huh?? what the?" and continued to walk towards the kitchen, and so once again I shoved him away! He asked what's up and I could not formulate an articulate sentence. All I can say was "UUhhh...LUNA (our maltese doggie)...LUNA wants...to...THROW SOMETHING!" I immediately regretted my words...why would a dog throw something??? Luckily Khoa corrected me and asked "you want to throw something?" Relieved that it made more sense than my previous statement, I shouted YES!! Khoa looks are me very confused and puzzled, and decides to humor me and asks "Ok...what do you want to throw?" So now I panic once again, and spot Luna's toy rope on the floor of the living room, and I point to it! Khoa hesitantly walks over to the toy and picks it up, and hands it to me. Once again, I'm stuck, what am I going to do with this rope?!?!? haha. So I just toss it on the floor, and Khoa says "Satisfied?" haha.

I shrug since I don't know what else to do and I hope he would just sit back down on the couch. Of course, he does NOT do that, and walks towards the kitchen again, and I shout NO! I proceed to tell him that some of my cupcake decorations got ruined and messed up somehow and so he can't see it! Curiosity stirs inside him and so he replies "Oh no!! What happened??? Let me see!!" AHHH! NO!!! I then make up some bogus reasoning saying that I'll manage somehow and maybe I'll just turn up the oven super high and hope the decorations "bake dry" like in ceramics...I know that's not the terminology and there's no such thing as this method of fondant repair, but I know Khoa wouldn't know what I'm talking about but I was desperate! So he just looks at me very concerned, and so I asked him to walk Luna. FINALLY, something sensible came out of my mouth!!

Once he was out the door to walk our doggie, I quickly plated the cupcakes, and stuck them in the oven and set a timer while the oven heat remained OFF! When he got back inside, the timer finally went off a couple minutes later, and he gets up from the couch and heads over to the kitchen. I can see the curiosity in his eyes and he eagerly waits to see what on earth I just did and what I have been up to. So trying to keep a VERY straight face, I told him to check my cupcakes for me. So he goes to the oven, and opens the doors. He starts to read the message out loud "Soon to be...wait, who's this for?" and then looks up at me, at this point, tears are streaming down my face, and instantly he finally got it and says "WAIT, REALLY???? You mean...US??? NO WAY!!!" I nod my head and said yes with all these happy tears on my face, and he gives me a great big hug and we literally jump for joy for several minutes!

I know it wasn't the smoothest of smooth operations, but it definitely was memorable and special. We are so happy to announce that we will be having a baby, projected birth day to be on June 12, 2012 =). Loving life more than ever!


  1. Hahaha. This story was just as good the second time...LOL.

  2. Haha, this went down the best way it could've possibly went down :) I think it mirrors our random and sometimes strange relationship with each other very well.
    It's funny that, when I thought you wanted to throw the toy, I thought in my head "ehh, she's had stranger requests..." LoL.
    I have to admit though, I had NO idea and you got me really good. I'm so excited and everytime I stop to think about it, I can't believe how lucky and blessed we are... we're going to be parents!!!

  3. Love this story and the cupcakes!!! SOOO cute and perfect for you two.

  4. omg cutest story ever! i teared up a bit just reading it. CONGRATS again and you two are going to be amazing parents :)

  5. Congrats! W00t! Who wants to be an auntie?! *Raises hand!