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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bob the Builder Cookies!

Happy Birthday Markus!! These are Bob the Builder sugar cookies with royal icing piping for the decorations. I hope you had a very special birthday Markus with all your friends and family!

Humor Time!
A truckload of penguins breaks down on the freeway on a hot summer day.The truckdriver sees a blonde construction manager driving up in a company Suburban, so he asks the CM, "Is this car air conditioned?" The construction manager says, "Sure is". So the truckdriver says "I'll give you $100 to take these penguins to the zoo." Off goes the CM and the penguins. About three hours later, the CM comes back with the car-load of penguins all wearing 3-D glasses. The truckdriver looks at the penguins in disbelief and yells, "I gave you $100 to take those penguins to the zoo!!!" The CM replies, "I did. But we had money left over so we went to a movie, too."


  1. Aww, cookies are super cute!! I'm sure they were yummy too! And hey, that joke at the bottom actually made me laugh! hahaha. You may be getting better at these... lol.

  2. lol Cynthia, what?? Her jokes have always been as fresh as her baking! :-D I agree, these look great! I think one of my favorite things about what you do is your ability to choose any themed cookie or cupcake and really create a simple (or sometimes fancy) design that clearly highlights the theme without going over the top. Keep it up!!