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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Green Tea Macarons

Success at last! Third time truly is a charm! I had two prior attempts, both epic fails...but FINALLY, the light at the end of the tunnel!! Just look at those feets!! (If you know macarons, you'll know what I'm talking about, the frilly stuff at the bottom of the macaron shells). I successfully made Green Tea Macarons! =) I wanted to make rose macarons but I have to chill the filling 24 hours ahead of time, so I was impatient and decided to go with green tea inside. So I will try rose next time! The biggest thing that help me succeed was my super awesome macaron book and my super nifty new food scale! Since macarons are French desserts, all the measurements are in grams. The last two attempts I tried to convert it to cups and tbsp, that was not a good idea. But, every thing I do is a learning process! So everybody throw your pillow cushions on the floor and jump for joy with me and lets celebrate my success!!! Now that I have all these yummy macarons, it's time to gobble them up! Sweet Dreams could possibly have a new edge =) Bon apetite!!! YAY!!!!


  1. Woohoo! Good Job!! 3rd time's the charm! These are so delicious... I don't know how I'm going to resist now.

  2. If heaven had a taste, this is what they would be. Absolutely delicious! I've had macaroons straight from Paris, but I have to say, these are way better. Amazing work!

  3. These were, hands down, the best macarons I've eaten! I'm picky when it comes to sweets but these macarons had the perfect combination of taste and texture. This will be my place to go for future cravings of macarons or any sweets!