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Friday, August 19, 2011

Birthday Trio 2011!



It's that time of year again for my work to celebrate THREE birthdays this month! So Happy Birthday to Audrey, Andrea, and Jacob!! I made a different theme for each person but all these cupcakes do have one thing in common, the flavor! Since this flavor was such a hit last time, I decided to do it again for this occasion, these are Vanilla Bean cupcakes with Macha Green Tea Buttercream! So tasty! All the decorations are made out of fondant.

Audrey: For Audrey's cupcakes, I made cute little penguins because Penguins are one of her favorite animals! Instead of trying to make the penguins look realistic in proportions, I wanted to make them out of ball shapes to make it more stylized. I created a girl penguin with a flower on her head, a boy penguin with a bow tie, and a party penguin with a party hat to celebrate Audrey's birthday!!

Andrea: Andrea has many talents and one of them is the talent of knitting! I just had to recreate the balls of yarn for her birthday cupcakes, and I also added a knitted sweater, and a knitted scarf in the making! Andrea can do way more than just sweaters and scarfs, but now she can also eat these! Happy Birthday Andrea and I hope you have a stitchin' time celebrating!

Jacob: One of Jacob's many hidden talents is knife throwing, so I decided to go with the ninja theme because lets face it, who else can do it better than ninjas? I made ninja throwing stars and a super stealth ninja. Then I had to consult my ninja expert (Khoa, my husband) and he helped me find reference to create the throwing knife (I did not know what they looked like...)! I used some silver luster dust to give the knives a metallic look. I can confidently say I won't mind throwing these sharp objects into my belly! Happy Birthday Jacob, go crazy!

Jumbled Humor:
- Why do penguins carry fish in their beaks? Because they haven't got any pockets!
- What do penguins have for lunch? Icebergers!
- What do you call a penguin in the desert? Lost!
- Why did the monster knit herself 3 socks? She grew another foot!
- Three pregnant women are sitting chatting and knitting jumpers for their expected kids. The first one says, "I hope that I have a baby boy, because I'm knitting a blue jumper." The second says, "Well I hope that I have a girl because I'm knitting a pink jumper." The third woman says "I hope that my kid is a spastic, because I've F@*%! up the arms!"
- Ninjas do not sleep, they wait. Ninjas CAN believe it's not butter. Ninjas can divide by zero.
- Ninjas invented Kentucky Fried Chicken's famous secret recipe, with eleven herbs and spices, but nobody ever mentions the twelfth ingredient: Fear.
- Ninjas don't shower, they only take blood baths!

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  1. Awesome job! Who doesn't love a party penguin?! I think that creating all of these at the same time really show off the diversity that you work with. They all turned out great in their own style. Of course my favorites are the ninja themed :) Keep it up!!