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Friday, December 17, 2010

Alvina the Medical Examiner Investigator!

Congratulations to Alvina Chow, the newest Medical Examiner for the county of San Diego! I am SOOOO proud of her for landing this career and am so excited she found some thing that truly makes her happy. I know she can do whatever she puts her mind to it, and she just proved me right, again! So watch out people of SD and more, Alvina's gonna make sure nothing gets by her and help solve crimes and innocent people safe! woohoo! So to celebrate, instead of making her usual red velvet with chocolate chips in it, I decided to mix it up and made chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate chips! =) The taped body, footprints, "Do Not Cross" tape, and blood splatter evidence are made of fondant and the blood splatter itself is made from red food coloring! Shout outs to my wonderful assistant, my sister Jennifer for painting the awesome wording for the yellow "Do Not Cross" tapes!

So Alvina, to prepare you for your new job, this "stories" is something you might wanna read. =) A police detective was investigating a homicide. As he questioned the on-scene officer, he learned the body was that of a young woman. The body was found with a bowl over her head and a spoon stuck in her back.The on-scene officer asked what the detective thought had happened to the woman.The detective responded, "I think it's obvious. A cereal killer got her!" Hehe. Ok, once again, CONGRATULATION Alvina!


  1. What kind of cereal was it.... CORN Flakes?? Because that joke was really CORNY!!!!

    LoL, thank you so much! I think we've been talking about these cupcakes for months and now I'm finally going to start my new job! YAY! I have 4 cupcakes leftover and I'm going to eat all of them... suuuuugarrrrrr....

  2. hehehehe, it's google search that finds these corny jokes....I just appreciate them and share it with you =P Glad you liked them! yay for sugar high!

  3. YEAH ALVINA!! So proud of you girl! Wow, Medical Examiner! Sounds so CSI exciting! :) Of course, Jackie, you've outdone yourself again on these cool cupcakes--Beautifully done. Thank you again Alvina for introducing me to such a talented couple -- and so are you my dear! Congratulations again!

  4. Thanks Janet!! It's always great hearing from you!

  5. I found a bunch of good articles on this subject here. Thanks!