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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Happy 26th Birthday Khoa!!

So last year for our wedding cake, Khoa wanted to have a guava passion fruit (lilikoi) cake because they're exotic fruits and it reminds him of Hawaii, our favorite vacationing spot! But of course, we didn't get that for our wedding cake and so I decided to try to make it for him for his birthday this year! It's actually quite hard to find a really good guava cake recipe, but I managed to combine some recipes and replace things here and there and made my first Guava Cake with Lilikoi Chiffon Frosting and boy was it yummy! =) I also made the cake look like a pool table because Khoa loves to play pool and has been wanting one for a really long time...but until we have the space for it, he can just enjoy eating one for now =). The pool table, cue balls, rack, and pool stick are made of fondant.

In our household, birthdays are a big deal because it's not just a day where you turn a year older, but it's a celebration of life! I love you so much Khoa and you deserve the best! I hope you enjoyed your special day and there's no doubt on how many people love and care about you! Happy Birthday my love, my husband, my Khoa! XOXO


  1. Thanks my baby! it was a wonderful party that was made even more wonderful by this beautiful cake! It was a shame to eat it because it looked so cool, but when I heard it was guava/passion fruit I had no choice! I love you the mostest and can't wait to celebrate more "celebrations of life" with you! Muah!

  2. During at the gym today, there was a running on Iron Chef: Desserts and a cake decorator/judge Shinmin Li appeared and this reminded me to check out your website. Seems like this hobby can someday go pro, keep up the good work and enjoy your constant growth and improvements.


  3. Thanks everyone for all your support!!