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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Threadcakes 2010: Search and Rescue (Entry 1)

Threadcakes is an online cake competition where you use a Threadless T-Shirt design and turn it into a tasty cake masterpiece! You don't have to be an expert to join in on the experience, you can just try it out for the pure fun creativity of the challenge and share your work with others! Check out my entry HERE!

I didn't want to just make a cake and then have it be thrown away, or eat it all myself, so I am dedicating this cake to my friend James Yu! Happy Birthday tall asian chinese ninja man! This cake is a pretty good representation of him because at first glance, you can see that he's a 6 foot 5 (w/o shoes) tall chinese man, and he basically towers over everyone. Although it may seem like a burden, we all seem the advantages in having such a tall person as a friend. The giraffe in the cake represents him because he helps us out when we're in need, not just when it comes to vertically challenging tasks, but things in general as well.

This hedge maze is made out of a vanilla and chocolate cake recipes that i swirled together to make a marble fudge cake. I asked James what kind of cake he wanted and realized he eats anything and everything, so he gets the best of both worlds! The grass is piped on with buttercream that I colored green (can you say major hand cramp?). The giraffe is made of rice krispies that I made myself as well, and then covered in fondant. The bunnies, bird with the bluetooth microphone headset, and bunny ears are also made of fondant! I love the image's concept of the bird communicating to the giraffe on where all the bunnies are so he can go rescue them! So cute!

So anyways, Happy Birthday James! I hope you find this cake aMAZE-ing =).


  1. LOVE this cake!!! It's so adorable. What a perfect cake for James. The cake also tasted aMAZE-ing indeed with the perfect combination of sweetness. Keep up the creativity and good work! =)

  2. At first I didn't know why the title was "Search and Rescue" and then I looked into the picture more closely....... and after like 2 minutes, it hits me. LOL! I'm sooooo slow, I hope none of my future employers read this post.

    I LOVE IT! You should make one with the Lochness Monster!!! NESSY!!!! You know how I love NESSY! It'd be super awesome. I'm going to apply for this job as a Medical Examiner Investigator... if I get it can we celebrate with an Autopsy cake?

  3. thank you again for the cake jackie. quite delcious. i saved a bunny and the red bird as a keepsake haha.