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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

OC Fair 2010

My Entries for the 2010 OC Fair Cake Decorating Categories! Come to the fair to see them in person! Wish me luck! =) Results are in! I and very happy and surprised to announce, that I placed in ALL of my entries, 3rd on both cake entries, and 1st on my cupcakes entry! Thank you everyone for always having support and faith in me! Everyone's encouragement and warm thoughts really keep me motivated and inspired to continue to create lovely edible treats! Thanks!
Formal Cake (3rd Place):
This cake is an elegant cake that can be fitting for an formal occasion such as weddings, anniversaries, etc. The cake is covered with fondant, the blue brick border and rope liner are also made from fondant, and all the branches are made of buttercream fondant to make it more malleable to the cake. The flower blossoms, orchids, roses and stephanotis are made of gumpaste. I decided to put a brick pattern on the blue ribbon around the cakes to tie in the theme with the flowers and branches, to make the cake as a whole seem more earthy. I kept most of the flowers white, with some yellow highlights, to keep it elegant, fresh, and clean.

OC Fair "The Beat Goes On" Theme Cake (3rd Place):
How do you even begin with the theme like that? Well this is the best I can come up with! All the decorations in this cake is also made of fondant. I went with a lot of musical symbols and items to best represent my vision of the theme. The bottom layer is covered with piano keys. The middle layer cake is of a drum, the core of beats, surrounded by abstract sheet music, drum sticks and musical notes (you could say the music notes jumped right out of the pages! - Khoa), the top layer is the music staff with music symbols and notes. The cake topper is of a giant note, the universal symbol for music and very significant because I feel that music brings people together. My love for music is reflected through this cake and it's a great theme for a fair as well!

Faux Cupcakes (1st Place Prize!):
After my recent vacation to Maui, I got inspired to make this under the sea themed cupcakes. At first, I had no idea what "Faux" cupcakes meant, so I just figured it meant fake cupcakes to i just assumed it was safe to do anything my creative juices can think of! All the sea creatures are made out of fondant and places on buttercream frosting that's piped on to look like water and waves in the ocean. So as you can see, i made a star fish, sea turtle, sting ray, octopus, coral, and a clam with a pink pearl! The sea has so many beautiful wonders in it that I find extremely fascinating! It was a lot of fun capturing some of the favorite things about our beautiful ocean and it's sea life.


  1. These look amazing! I'm so proud of you honey! Look out OC Fair!

  2. Wow, look at these cakes and im thinking of the grand opening of your bakery... You did a fantastic
    job and im so proud of you, you are so talented. My favorite one is The Beat Goes On and i can
    imagine Khoa is playing the instruments. Good luck
    Anna (Di Anh)

  3. GREAT JOB!!!!! They looked even more awesome in person!! Proud of you! =) - Your sister