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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Aidan & Brooke!

Happy 5th Birthday Aidan and Brooke!  I got the honor of making these super cute twin's display birthday cake for their Pirates and Mermaids birthday party this past weekend!  This is a display cake, so the inside is styrofoam, and the outside is decorated with real fondant.  My cousin, Chi Hai (Thi) asked me to make this 4 tiered cake based off of a reference picture she found online, so this is not my original design, I only simply recreated it, with some minor adjustments, like the color of the mermaid fins and hair, and added more clouds around the cake. I used luster dust to paint the pearls on the side bottom of the cake, and I used skewers inside the posts on the pirate ship to hold up the posts and the sails.  This was a fun cake to make and I'm glad the kids enjoyed it at their party!  It was fun to watch everywhere waiting to eat the cake not knowing the cake wasn't real inside! haha!  Also, thank you to my husband Khoa for helping roll out fondant to make my work load a little bit easier =).  What will I ever do without you?

I wish Aidan and Brooke the most special 5th birthday!  I hope all your birthday wishes comes trues, Cau Mo Ba loves you both so much!!!  These are seriously the smartest, cutest, so full of personality 5 years I know!!  Happy 5th Birthday Aidan &Brooke!

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  1. Almost a year later but hopefully it's never too late to say THANK YOU, MO 3 JACKIE! Beautiful cake! So many people have asked me where I got it and I've sent them to your site. Love you, Chi Hai