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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Charlotte!

 Happy 1st birthday Charlotte!!!!  I had the honor and pleasure of making Charlotte's 1st birthday display cake for her big birthday bash this past weekend!  Her party theme was based on cute pretty hot air balloons, and so my friend Sarah (Charlotte's mom) asked me to make this designed cake for her!  It was really fun to make, and I was so honored that it got to be featured on their beautiful center display table!  Since this is a display cake, the inside of the cake are foam dummies, but the rest are all made of fondant.  The banner is held up by two toothpicks though and on one of the hot air balloons I used edible pearl candy for decorations. Sarah's flourist also put the cake stand on a patch of grass surrounded by a cute little white picket fence!  All of Sarah's hard work and creativity really paid off because this party was so beautifully decorated and was a lot of fun!  They even had a bubble show!!!  (All photos are courtesy of Mieng Saetia!  Thanks Mieng!)

I wish Charlotte a wonderful happy and healthy new birth year!  She's only started walking, but she's already running through our minds and filling up our hearts!  She is so cute and cuddly, I can play with her all day!  Her cheeky smile is too adorable!!  She has two wonderful parents who love her so much and take such great care of her as well!  Thank you Jack and Sarah for create such a beautiful girl, and for sharing her with us!  Here's to many many many more birthday celebrations to come!!!  Happy Birthday 1st Charlotte!  We love you!


  1. What a beautiful cake and what beautiful words you have for Charlotte! From one family of 3 to another family of 3, cheers and here's to many many more wonderful birthdays!

  2. Happy birthday, Charlotte! Perfection and just simply beautiful! And the cake too! =)