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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lily's Baptism & 1 Month Celebration!

Our precious baby Lily is 5 weeks and 1 day old and she just got baptized today!  As a Vietnamese tradition, we usually celebrate the baby's 1 month old milestone, called a Ngày Đầy Tháng.  We only celebrate the baby's first month and 1 year birthday, but luckily for Lily, we will adopt the Western tradition and celebrate every year of her life as well. =).  Since I am still a new mom and in recovery, I ordered a mixed berry cake from one of my favorite bakeries, Givral Bakery.  I asked them to make a texture on the cake with a ruffle border near the bottom, it didn't quite turn out how I wanted, for instance the texture is inverted and it's fondant covered instead of buttercream, and they didn't do the ruffle border, but it's ok.  I made the peonies flowers and letter blocks spelling out Lily's name in fondant and dotted the little flowers with black food coloring.  Overall, I'm am still quite pleased with her first cake and even though I didn't bake it, I'm glad I was still about add my love to it with the decorations I made for her!
These cupcakes are French Vanilla cupcakes with Swiss Meringue Buttercream.  I actually had time to make these and the decorations as well, also made out of fondant.  I wanted to make cupcake decorations that were cute but also baby related.  So I made love birds to represent the love of her parents that create our precious angel Lily, I made a bassinet to and pacifier for the cute baby items, and the hearts that says Love and baby Lily to show her that our hearts are filled with her love and our love for her, and the pink flowers represents the pretty girl she's already growing to be!
A couple months ago near the end of my pregnancy, Khoa bought me this cool book that has a bunch of recipes and imaged of cake Push Pops, and I've been waiting for an occasion (where I have time and energy) to make these!  Although right now I don't have as much free time and energy as I use to, I still decided to try to make these.  Luckily, I was successful and made Strawberry Shortcake cake push pops!  I was going to tie a pink ribbon and add a pink rhinestone in the middle of the bow for decoration around the push pops, but I decided this was enough work!  I'll go all out for her 1 year old birthday! =P  I'm so happy to have such a cute, healthy, and strong baby, I cannot be more happy and in love with our Lily.  I hope she looks back and enjoys these sweet treats I made for her special day!

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  1. I'm happy that you finally got to scratch your baking decorating itch! They turned out great honey... a little too great! Didn't I tell you to relax while I was at work? :P I'm sure, soon enough, Lily will be able to appreciate all the love and attention her mommy gave her directly and indirectly.