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Friday, September 2, 2011

Rose Macarons, Ispahan and Hello Kitty!

Rose macarons, my favorite!! I'm so happy that these came out great, if I do say so myself! The shells came out without a hitch! And then I I started making the rose filling and boy that was a challenge. After searching countless supermarkets of all kind, I finally found rose water (a very KEY ingredient to Rose Macarons) at the Indian supermarket (thanks chi hai!) called Garden Patch in Irvine! I mistakenly bought Rose Syrup and that is NOT the same...and ruined a batch of filling because of that. Alas though, I got my rose water, and I cannot be more excited!
This batch of macarons was for fun, but also to see if my last batch of macarons wasn't just a fluke and so I wanted to see if I truly can get the knack of baking macarons! So to my excitement, these came out great! I decide to take this to the next level and make some Hello Kitty macarons for my cousin Bao (Chi Tu) since she loves Hello Kitty! These were unfortunately not my creative idea, but I'm glad I can be inspired by the many talented people out there to make these for my loved ones! I also made an Ispahan for her as well! It's pretty much a giant macaron stuffed with raspberries and a lychee in the middle! Usually they put a rose petal on top for garnish, but I do not have any so I use a raspberry! This is my absolute favorite dessert of all time so I'm so happy I'm able to make a pretty decent Ispahan! =)
Also, taking my adventures to ANOTHER level, I decided to try my hand at shipping these bad boys...to Virginia! I wanted to surprise my cousin Van (Chi Ba) with some homemade macarons to satisfy some of her sweet tooth cravings, and to learn what's the best way to ship these delicate treats. It's all about trial and error, so Chi Ba please let me know how it goes! I had a lot of fun finding the right box and thinking of ways to nicely package it all up for her! Enjoy Chi Ba!!

So, I learned a whole bunch with this second successful batch of macarons, it's always a great feeling when I get to accomplish things like this and be able to share it with my lovely family and friends!


  1. You're getting this down pretty quick! I like that you are just barely getting the hang of macaroons and you're already branching off to designed macaroons and ispahans! Good job! Also, very ambition sending it over to Chi 3! anddd doing Hello Kitty and an Ispahan for Chi 4. You're too thoughtful :)

  2. Wow, those rose macaroons are AMAZING and super yummy!!!!!! I didn't think I would like anything rose flavored, but it's super delicious. These were spot on - the flavor was good and the shells were just the right amount of crunch and chewy. They melt in your mouth!! I loved them and I want more!! Also, the Hello Kitty design is super cute! hehe.

  3. Really... not enough words to describe how amazing these are. Absolutely divine. The perfect combination of texture, and flavor. Loved it!

  4. These were amazing, Jackie! Thank you for the special shipment! The texture on them was simply perfect-- just melted in my mouth! Cannot wait to try your other flavors!

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