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Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Gay

Whooaa.....it looks like a TRIPLE RAINBOW! So intense... haha! So anyways, it's Drexelle's mother's birthday today, who's name is Gay, and she thought it would be great to make it a play on words with her name since Gay always has a great sense of humor with that. So instead of saying "Happy Birthday", Drexelle cleverly thought to make the cakes say "Happy Gay Day"! Afterall, it is her day! So she wanted me to have the cupcakes be rainbow themed and so I made french vanilla cupcakes that are rainbow colors in the batter, and some chocolate cupcakes topped with basic buttercream. The rainbow themselves, the flags, flower petals, and letters (props to my hubby Khoa and partner in cakes) are made of fondant and the cupcakes with rainbows on them have some white sprinkles around the edge. Working with all the colors was a blast and just looking at the end result can put a smile on anyone's face! So one thing's for sure and that is that Gay is going to have a very happy birthday today! Pop quiz: So what kind of bow can't you tie? A rainbow!! haha, anyways, I think everyone can literally taste the rainbow with these sweeties! Happy Birthday Gay!

1 comment:

  1. I loved the chocolate flavor, i would definitely share this to my friends and relatives...thanks for this wonderful gift Drex!